The EDUFAXz - Aligning Skills and Pathways

Innovation is the ability to leverage and build upon a proven method of invention so that more processes can be optimized.

With over 2,000,000 unfilled jobs in American, we would like to innovate upon the CARFAX concept to better align students and workers with job openings. As the car industry advanced, someone finally determined that the car registration and car title did not tell the full story of the vehicle history in order to properly align with the car buyer’s expectations. This caused the need for the CARFAX, which provided a consistent and objective manner to verify a vehicle’s history.

Innovating upon the CARFAX across education and the workforce for all U.S. students and workers, would create ‘objective evidence’ that there is, or is not a disconnect (skills-gap) between workers and job openings. A comparison to the CARFAX would be the EDUFAXz that translates the needs of employers with an education and work history report in a consistent manner. The subjective and outdated résumé method of identifying who a student or worker is, and what they qualify for, does not guarantee a verification and history report that is consistent and helpful to employers. It’s time for an innovative approach to aligning students and unemployed workers with the 10,000,000 worldwide job openings. America needs a consistent method to measure and identify the history, skills, potential, and experience of students and workers in a logical and consistent manner.