Connect2Success@edu – A National Educational Rapid Response System

Provide a 24x7x365 Educational Assistance System for instant connection for rapid response for all U.S. students and parents to immediately respond to the real issues that cause students to delay, stop, or quit their educational journey.

In a society where we have so much information, options, and advisers who cover general educational information within specific schools, it is difficult to have a ‘specialized’ hotline or action line for people who are having a crisis in life. The thoughts that suddenly enter a student’s mind when faced with unfortunate circumstances that require sudden decisions which are overwhelming, blinding and often result in rash or emotions decisions. These same students are also students who have become accustomed to instant responses, communication, and opinion through instant messaging, Facebook, and other forms of talking to friends who will always have advice, but not necessary the right answer for a urgent dilemma that has come up.

The college advisors and professors work extremely hard at helping students through the academic process and programs within their own college system, but should not be expected to deal with life crisis on a moment’s notice, which is when major issues arise. Currently, there is no national mechanism in place that allows students to call in the middle of the night, early morning or late evening from the hospital room when bad news strikes home. This is the kind of bad news that instantly casts doubt on a student’s ability to continue on with their educational plans.

To get outside the four walls of a college toward the needs of all current and potential students, it is evident that a world-class and open system for rapid response will send a message that we want all students and parents to Connect2Success@Edu when the need arises.

A 24x7x365 student advocacy help-line will be created for current and potential students and their parents across the U.S. The help-line will be given a more positive and inviting name such as The National Education Concierge Service or something more practical and catchy called Connect2Success@Edu. The national service will include the following means to communicate in a responsive and helpful manner: 1.A text alert and messaging system that allows students to submit issues, questions, or concerns via text messaging.

2.A web-based submission form that can be used by parents and students.

3.A 1-800-EDUHELP line for parents and students.

4.An advanced web-profile system that pre-populates information and help based on the student and parents filling out a profile.