LITTLEGENIUS Online Tutoring Business

Little Genius Online Tutoring Company is a new venture to provide one-on-one affordable online tutoring to students K-12. The operations will be conducted exclusively through the company's website that will be equipped with video conferencing and blackboard instructional software. The goal is to reach as many students in need and match them with a suitable tutor, from across the country.

The venture aims at providing at-home, 24/7, convenient and affordable help that students in school need on a day to day basis. The Team recognizes the dearth in efficient tutoring services and will step in to become a "one stop shop" for students across the academic spectrum.

The operations will also provide employment to numerous teachers nationwide. The tutors will be able to have a source of income at the convenience of their home and schedule.

Little Genius will stand out from the competition in providing high quality education at an affordable price, with emphasis on tapping the best talent and retaining them .