Youth Imagineer Corps

WINNER: 6-8th Grade - Division Winner

Youth today can interact socially through social media, digital spaces, using and creating apps on smart phones, and through online interactive gaming. The skills gained in these activities are directly applicable to many community recreation and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) based projects and potentially for similar projects throughout the United States in urban and rural areas. Harnessing the talents of middle school or high school students skills in a team environment to create digital stories, design their own parks and games using digital tools such as Sketch Up and Scratch, all the while tackling local issues through technology are possible. This could be done by harnessing the emerging talent of our Youth by creating Imagineers who can work together with different skill sets in a Corps of youth seeking to define their own spaces. This can happen and has happened with our own seventh graders here at Christa McAuliffe P.S. 28 school through our Disney Planet Challenge winning and EPA Region 2 winning Project Reservoir ( This could happen anywhere with the guidance of an administration and faculty that are focused on local community development projects.