Youth Internship Preparation Program

The Youth Internship Preparation Program (YIPP) aims to address the lack of internships for high school students in New York City. Public schools lack the funding for counselors to assist students in finding job opportunities and therefore students are not exposed to a variety of career choices before they go to college. Guidance counselors are overwhelmed by the sheer number of students that need internships, want jobs, and are unprepared for college applications. This narrows down the jobs that people who do not go to college might consider and makes people take a lot more time to decide on career choices even in college. People may be more likely to drop out of college because they did not pick a major that they liked.

Our goal is to give job opportunities to young students in New York City by partnering with local business owners that offer experience in a variety of careers that students are interested in. YIPP makes up for the lack of internships and counselors provided at local high schools, by connecting career development services and programs in the City to accommodate youth.