The labor market has changed significantly over the last two decades, leaving many high school students unprepared to meet the stringent demands of this new economy. Just classroom education isn't enough and extracurricular and after school activities are equally important to keep youth motivated and engaged. Unfortunately, only students from privileged families have access to information and opportunities to participate in activities outside of school. This unique access creates an achievement gap between nation's most advantaged and disadvantaged students. SchoolSpice aims to address this problem by providing a level playing field for all students in grades 6-12. Consider it like Wikipedia of "Skills" education. It is an interactive online learning platform which aims to provide comprehensive information on a) Soft Skills development by video coaching b) Information on all competitions c) Internship Opportunities. and enable students to acquire skills necessary for 21st century. Currently, there is no other website like this offering work readiness and work-based learning skills under one portal. According to the NCES, 6th -12th grade population equaled 33 million students as of fall of 2010. We aim to reach our market using social media, traditional media and partnerships with schools and libraries. SchoolSpice is a for-profit business. We hope to generate majority of our revenue through competition management service, the market for which is in excess of $200 million per year and growing. The team comprises of Sumit Mitra and Jeannine Torres. Sumit is the founder of SchoolSpice and is a sophomore at Stanford University passionate about improving K-12 education and have experience developing websites like nenviron. From balancing books to managing recruitment, Sumit got an early taste of entrepreneurship when he started as an intern at Sun MicroSolutions during his sophomore year at high school. He completely automatized the invoicing process and is now the Director of Business Development and Technology. Jeannine Torres-is the advisor and mentor. She is also the founder of online parenting resource, The Parent tree and former consultant with both Education Pioneers and LA County Office of Education and holds MBA from NYU Stern and MPA from Harvard University. We are looking to raise $50 K in seed money to further develop the competition and skills section and launch the site nationally but more importantly, we are looking for mentorship to make this site a success.